Another Day Another Tube Strike


The image above is the position of all the tubes at 09:47 this morning, 29th April 2014.

As I was walking into work though, I was looking at the licence numbers of all the old Routemaster buses that TfL had put on as extra services. It’s a bus spotter’s paradise out there with all the old buses that are being driven around Central London. The problem, though, is that they don’t seem to have the same tracking devices on them as the regular buses, so they don’t appear on the Countdown API stream. This is potentially a big problem with collecting data on how the strike affects London, as we’re obviously missing some key information.

One good thing is that we now have access to road traffic data, so that might be worth analysing during tonight’s rush hour. Also, the people tracking project that I’ve been working on for a while is almost ready for testing.


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