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19 to 20 June 2014  – Introduction to Quantum GIS

This 1.5 day course provides an introduction to Quantum GIS, an open source Geographic Information System software package. You will be introduced to the various components of the software and learn how to work with both vector and raster data layers. You will learn how to run simple geospatial analyses, how to edit existing maps and how to create maps using your own data, which we encourage you to bring with you to the course. Lectures will be interspersed with  hands-on practical exercises. A variety of datasets will be used that cover socio-economic as well as physical geography domains. To find out more about the course and to register, please visit: Or contact Amy O’Neill at


Please note: this is an entry level GIS course and is therefore not appropriate for experienced ArcGIS or MapInfo users wanting to learn QGIS. If you are already an ArcGIS or MapInfo user but want to learn QGIS, then here are some alternative suggestions for you:

  • Astun Technology runs a Quantum GIS course for people with a GIS background. More information can be found here.
  • Fast track training on QGIS is offered by Salford GIS.
  • Lutra Consulting offers a course regardless of your background. Click here for more details.
  • Check out this site, which refers to advanced QGIS courses and workshops. Contact them to find out more.
  • You can teach yourself with this online manual.
  • The UK Ordnance Survey has some good training materials working with OS Open Data at this site.
  • Here are some great online tutorials for QGIS. Until recently they were only for QGIS v.1.8 but it looks like they are being updated now for v.2.

Previous Training Events

Below are courses that have run in the past along with the feedback that we have received. As we may be running some of these courses again in the future, email us to enquire further.

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Course[attr style=”width:200px”],Dates[attr style=”width:100px”],Venues,Course Feedback

Introduction to ArcGIS – Vector Applications,8-9 Dec 2011~~29-30 Mar 2012~~11-12 Dec 2012,Leeds,’Really helpful course. Really relevant to my PhD. Thanks for putting it on!’~~’Excellent presentation and mix of lectures and exercises.’~~’Very useful course.’~~’One of the best 36 hour courses I’ve ever attended.’

Introduction to ArcGIS – Raster Applications,9-10 Jan 2012~~26-27 Jul 2012,Leeds,’Very well presented and very practical.’~~’One of the most useful courses that I’ve been on.’~~’Great course. Will do the vector one too.’~~’Overall very informative and enjoyable.’

Smart Cities: Bridging Physical and Digital,8-10 Nov 2012,Leeds,’Interesting event and the kids had fun!’~~’Educational overall. Has provided me an insight into the concept of smart cities.’

GIS for Crime Analysis, 20-21 Sep 2012~~29-30 Oct 2012, Leeds~~Cardiff,’The course was useful and interesting.’~~’Course has provided plenty avenues of thought. Presenters were very happy to elaborate; very useful.’

Introduction to Statistical Methods for Geographers and Social Scientists,10 Dec 2012,Leeds, ‘The lecture was very good; everything was just excellent.’ ~~ ‘The training content and presentation were excellent.’ ~~ ‘I really enjoyed the course and it has been very useful.’ ~~ ‘Very good value for money…the course was extremely valuable.’ ~~ ‘Excellent data used – intuitive and easy to analyse.’

Measures of Deprivation and Area Type,9 Jul 2012~~18 Feb 2013,Leeds~~Manchester,’An excellent course. Both presenters (were) very patient and knowledgeable.’~~’A very useful day delivered in a really clear and accessible way. Thank you.’~~’Really enjoyed it. Very interesting and useful for me. Thank you.’~~’Excellent teaching. Good dense and thorough slides. Plus good to have references and documents on a CD.’~~’The course covered a lot and was explained clearly.’~~’Very useful to be able to take the CD away – lots of very good references. Thank you!’~~’The speaker and support were very helpful.’~~’Very helpful to have the slides + further reading and activities on a disk.’~~’I would recommend this course. The tutors were very helpful… and the content was very good.’

Introduction to GIS – Using MapInfo,27-28 Jun 2012~~27-28 Mar 2013,Leeds,’A very well run course!’~~’An excellent course. Both presenters were very patient and knowledgable and took the time to explain everything.’~~’I recommend this course. The tutors were very helpful and nice. The content is good.’~~’The handouts for all activities were very helpful!’~~’The hands-on activities were excellent.’~~’Very useful. Highly recommendable.’

Geographic Data Visualisation in R (GISRUK),2 Apr 2013,Liverpool, No feedback yet

GIS for Transport Studies,15 & 29 Apr 2013~~12-13 Jun 2013,Leeds,’This was a very beneficial introduction on how to use GIS and why.’~~’Excellent staff and well structured course.’

GIS for Health Sciences,13-14 Sep 2012~~4-5 Apr 2013,Leeds~~London,’Very enjoyable and well taught. Excellent 1.5 days’ (now a 2 day course)~~’Very friendly approachable and passionate presenters.’~~’Great! Friendly and very useful.’~~’Very good workshop!’~~’Enabled sharing of ideas. Excellently run and presented. Thanks a million.’~~’Both instructors were very good and prepared. Also friendly and available for explanations.’

Contemporary Challenges in Store Location Research,9 Oct 2012,London,’A lot covered but it maintained interest throughout. Excellent day.’~~’I found the day very informative and relevant. A very productive day. Will recommend my colleagues to attend future events.’~~’Good external speakers. Small group discussion worked well.’~~’Perfect!’~~’A really enjoyable day that was pitched at just the right level and balanced the practical/commercial with the academic view really well.’

TALISMAN Summer School: Computer Programming for Social Scientists,15-19 Jul 2013,Leeds,’Thanks very much. A great introduction to JAVA world and to other applications. I hope there will be more in the future.’~~’Excellent course material; easy to pick-up at a later stage and pace of learning individualised.’~~’The website containing material is super organised and well-written.’~~’Thanks once again for an amazing course!’

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