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Richard Milton has completed a draft paper (titled ‘Cities Diagnostics’) examining methods for analysing real-time data related to transport systems. Research relating to the paper includes work on real-time animated 3D London Underground visualisations of tube station locations in WebGL that brings together new web services for pre-processing and presenting real-time data in a format suitable for visualisation, analysis and the detection of problems. An NCRM working paper will be available soon.

Accepted / In press

Birkin, M., Harland, K., Malleson, N. and Martin, D. (2013) Microsimulation of daily movement patterns in a British city. Accepted for presentation at MODSIM 2013, the 20th International Conference on Modelling and Simluation, Adelaide, December 2013.

Malleson, N., See, L., Heppenstall, A.J. and Evans, A. (in press) Optimising an agent-based model to explore the behaviour of simulated burglars. In: Mago, V. and Daggabian, V. (eds.) Modelling and Simulation of Complex Social Systems.

Ross, C., Carnall, M., Hudson-Smith, A., Warwick, C., Terras, M.M. and Gray, S (in press) Enhancing museum narratives: Tales of things and UCL’s Grant Museum. In: Farman, J, (ed.) Digital Storytelling and Mobile Media: Narrative Practices with Locative Technologies. Routledge.


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