TALISMAN is a collaborative project undertaken between individuals at the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy (CSAP, University of Leeds) and the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA, University College London).

At the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy:

Professor Mark Birkin (TALISMAN Director)

Mr. Stephen Clark (PhD Student)

Dr. Andrew Evans (Co-Investigator)

Dr. Kirk Harland (Research Fellow)

Dr. Robin Lovelace (Research Fellow)

Ms. Amy O’Neill (Project Officer)

Professor John Stillwell (Co-Investigator)

Mr. Michael Thomas (PhD Student)

At the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis:

Professor Michael Batty (Co-Investigator)

Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith (TALISMAN Deputy Director)

Mr. Steven Gray (Research Fellow)

Mr. Richard Milton (Research Fellow)

Mr. Peter Ferguson (Research Fellow)

Dr. Linda See (Training Coordinator)

Professor Alan Wilson (Co-Investigator)

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