On overview of the work currently underway in the TALISMAN node including how we can tackle big data challenges is provided in a recent podcast by Talisman Director Prof Mark Birkin.

The research in TALISMAN is organized into five main streams. The first three are focused on developments in state-of-the-art geospatial models, in particular:

  • Stream 1: Microsimulation models (MSM)
  • Stream 2: Agent-based models (ABM) and Cellular Automata (CA)
  • Stream 3: Spatial interaction modelling (SIM)

while the other two are concerned with research into new methods of:

  • Stream 4: Data sourcing
  • Stream 5: Visualisation

Streams 1 to 3 are being undertaken in CSAP at the University of Leeds, which follows on the footsteps of a strong geospatial modeling tradition that has been developed over the past four decades. Streams 4 and 5 are core areas of research in CASA at UCL, which complements their own extensive geospatial modeling expertise.