When MonteCarlo envelopes are too narrow to show!

1% k-spatial entropy (k=3) envelopes at collocation distance 4km

Here is a pretty picture of envelopes which are overlaid each with their maximum range (including the observed curve) … to allow multiple variables to be looked at simultaneously even when the range of each curve is very different!¬†For example in year 2011 health, social grade, and transport to work are well below their 1% envelope, so are significantly describing a spatial pattern (as measured by the k-spatial entropy) which is not happening by chance (random permutations of the spatial units). see more on the NARSC 2012 abstract/paper ” Entropic variations of urban dynamics at different spatio-temporal scales:¬† geocomputational perspectives” Didier G. Leibovici & Mark H. Birkin (http://www.meetingsavvy.com/abstractsearch/).¬†Nonetheless the level of non-uniformity is very different, respectively 0.2, 0.4 and 0.1, but are all quite low compared to a maximum under uniformity of 1.

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