Susan Wood of Advice Leeds- CSAP Fellow

Title of the Project: The Impact of Welfare Reform: Implications for Leeds Advice Services

Radical changes to welfare provision and the allocation of social housing have the potential to dramatically change the social and economic life of populations up and down the country. The project aims to assess the impact of welfare reform, and other related-reforms, on advice services in Leeds. This will involve assessing the effectiveness of the current service delivery model, as well as collecting evidence about the impact of the reforms on the local population. The overarching objectives will be to improve advice service delivery and better contribute to Social Policy lobbying at a local and national level.

Two main workstreams will be established to help fulfill these objectives: a service mapping stream, focused on generating a detailed and dynamic geographical picture of how welfare reforms are affecting service delivery; and an impact mapping stream, focused on gathering qualitative data from clients about how the reforms have impacted their lives.

Susan’s CV

Before becoming Manager of Advice Leeds, Susan worked for five years as a Policy Officer for Family Fund, an organisation aimed at supporting families who are raising severely disabled children.

Susan holds a BA (Hons) degree in Applied Social Studies for Manchester Metropolitan University.

Susan’s Aspirations for the Fellowship

The fellowship will support me to meet the requirements of my current post and enable Advice Leeds to meet its core objectives. Taking part in the fellowship programme provides an opportunity for me to develop an area of work I have been trying to progress for some time. The support and expertise provided through the project will be invaluable both to me and my organisation.

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