Introduction to Geographical Information Systems-Using ArcGIS (Raster Applications)

Course Title: Introduction to Geographical Information Systems – Using ArcGIS (Raster Applications)

 Organising University/Institution: University of Leeds

 Course Dates: 26-27 July, 2012

 Course Description: This is a 1.5 day course introducing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) using ESRI’s ArcGIS version 10.0 software. It builds on basic knowledge of data manipulation, mapping and analysis, introducing the Spatial Analyst extension. The emphasis of his course is working with raster data in the context of a variety of environmental applications by exploring surface geo-processing tools within ArcGIS. The course will mix teaching with demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

 Name of presenter/instructor: Dr Stephen Carver

Level of prior level required: Basic IT skills are required. Although it is not a requirement for participants to have prior knowledge or experience of using ArcGIS, attendance on the ‘Vector’ ArcGIS course is recommended as it will provide a greater understanding of the tools and functionality of the software. ArcGIS uses a menu-based interface. Participants should be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment.

Duration: This is a 1.5 day course

Cost: £45 for students/ £90 for staff. (This course is open to staff and students at Higher Education institutions in the UK and Ireland.) Cost includes lunch on first day.

Event address: Room G.19, School of Geography, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT

To register, please visit:

For further information please contact: Amy O’Neill at  or at 0113 343 7992

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