Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Would I be required to relocate to Leeds or London?

A: We appreciate that because of professional or personal commitments, not everyone will be able to work physically out of either location for a prolonged period.  Fellows will be encouraged to work in Leeds or London on a regular basis (as we think face-to-face interaction will benefit both parties), but efforts will be made to accommodate remote working. Such arrangements will be subject to negotiation.

Q: What will the Fellowship monies cover?

A: Fellowship funds will be provided in lieu of salary and are intended to cover expenses relating to travel, accommodation and out-of-pocket expenses incurred through project work.

Q: Will I be expected to work mostly with my mentor, or would it be possible to attend classes?

A: Fellows are not expected to participate in classes, but are welcome to do so.

Q: What types of deliverables would I be expected to produce?

A: Deliverables will vary depending on the type of project pursued.  Examples may include: a research paper, working paper, software app, or funding proposal for future work.

Q: I don’t have a degree in Geography, can I still apply?

A: Yes.  Applicants of any degree background will be considered, as long as they have a knowledge/interest in geospatial methods.

Q: When would my fellowship start?

A: The TALISMAN project will run until September 2014. Fellowships can be undertaken any time during this period, beginning as early as October 2012 and as late as March 2014.  The start time of any fellowship will be subject to agreement by the fellow, their employer and the host organisation (CASA or CSAP).

Q: When and how will I know if I’ve been successful?

A: Applications will be subject to a formal evaluation process which will take place after the submission deadline (September 21). All successful applicants will be notified within two weeks of this deadline, i.e., on or before October 5th , 2012.

Q: How will applications be assessed?

A: Applications will be assessed by a small team comprising of the TALISMAN Director (Mark Birkin) and Deputy Director (Andrew Hudson-Smith), the User Fellowship Convenor (John Stillwell) and Hub Director for the National Centre for Research Methods (Patrick Sturgis).  All applications will be subject to a formal evaluation protocol.

Q: Will I receive notification if I have been unsuccessful?

A: Yes, those who are unsuccessful will receive notification by email on or before October 5th.

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