The Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy

Leeds has a long tradition of providing cutting-edge analysis techniques and policy predictions based on the latest science and information. The Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy (CSAP) builds on that tradition by developing innovative ways of looking at the world to understand business, society and the environment at different spatial scales and by providing applied or policy-related analyses of geographical behaviour.

CSAP Research

Wide-ranging research interests in quantitative geography

Research at the centre is varied and includes population dynamics, migration, geodemographics, retailing, education and health.  CSAP has specific expertise in analysis and modelling methods including microsimulation, agent-based modelling, spatial interaction models, AI techniques, demographic estimation and projection, and applications of GIS.

Strong commercial and public-sector links

Whilst much of CSAP’s research is UK Research Council funded, the centre also undertakes research in partnership with a number of European, national, regional and local public sector institutions, as well as private sector organisations.

Education and training opportunities for both academic and commercial worlds

CSAP teaches Masters programmes and Undergraduate modules based on the latest research, enabling students to acquire quantitative skills that are in demand in the real world, as well as training for academic research careers.

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