Smart City Challenge #8

Hacking with Pigeon Sim

Lead: CASA staff

Background and Aim of the Challenge

Pigeon Sim allows you to fly around a virtual London, using gestures to control your height and direction. Flap your arms to fly higher, lean to one side to bank, and experience the city from an entirely new perspective as you swoop and soar across it. The simulator uses a Microsoft Kinect to detect your movements, and displays London using the Google Earth 3D plugin. The script that drives Pigeon Sim is written in JavaScript and CoffeeScript.

Fancy learning how it works and hacking the code to make it do what you want as part of this challenge?


Pigeon Sim will be brought to the hackathon along with the code to run it.

Skills / Interests needed for the Challenge

You will need programming skills, preferably in JavaScript and/or CoffeeScript. However, if you have any coding skills, feel free to learn and take part.

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