Smart City Challenge #7

Improving Transport in Britain

Lead: Open to anyone


The Ordnance Survey is interested in involving entrepreneurs, developers, community groups and innovators to solve a host of community challenges using geography and spatial data. Their GeoVation website has an excellent list of transport challenges, that arose from a problem Pow Wow that was held at the London Museum of Transport on 19 January 2011. 

Aim of the Challenge

The aim of this challenge is to focus on finding the solution to one of the problems on the website. For example, you could consider the following question (number 2 under Modes of Transport):

How do you help travellers better understand the reality of how long journeys on different modes of transport take? People underestimate journey times by car (it always takes longer) and overestimate public transport (it is usually quicker).

In the challenge, you will design a site to allow users to make better informed choices about their mode of transport, allowing them put in the start and end location, time of travel and information about their car (if they own one). The site will provide (more realistic) journey times, journey cost, calories consumed and provide information about other health benefits, depending upon the mode of travel.  

Skills/Interests Needed for the Challenge

For this challenge we are looking for individuals with an interest and experience in one or more of the following:

  • Web designers / communicators
  • Programmers who can query information from the web such as travel times
  • Anyone interested in transport and thinking about what sorts of information need to be brought together to solve this problem.

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