Smart City Challenge #5

Mobile Gaming in the City

Lead: Richard Milton (CASA, UCL)

Aim of the Challenge

Come up with a game that uses locations in the city or people traveling around the city in order to discover new and exciting places that they may not know about. Maybe a citywide game of Pacman using Tube lines or bus routes to gain points?  Maybe a real version of Monopoly using house prices data or stock market data and users use their phone to buy/sell property they are standing outside of?  Or come up with a fun idea yourself, using the sensors you have in your phone.

Tools that you could use for the challenge

  1. TI bluetooth sensor boards
  2. Richard’s vast knowledge of geospatial data and gaming


Richard has access to many different kinds of data for the city of London, which he can provide for the game.

 Skills / Interests Needed for the Challenge

For this challenge, we need a range of individuals with skills in one or more of the following:

  • Coding in any language
  • Game design or gamefication
  • Problem solving skills to help design a challenging game
  • Visualisation of spatial information
  • A sense of adventure!

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