Smart City Challenge #3

Cycling in the City

Leads: Ed Manley and James Cheshire, CASA

Aim of the Challenge

The Barclay’s Cycle Hire scheme generates a huge amount of data about transport behaviour around London. This challenge will take over 850,000 user trips and mine them for insights into the way we move around London. What are the key drivers of scheme usage? How much impact does the weather have? Can we create user travel diaries and group together similar journey types? Can the information be used to better redistribute bikes to areas of need? These questions are asked of cycle hire schemes the world over but few offer access to such detailed data.


For the challenge, we will provide you with access to over 850,000 Barclay’s Cycle Hire Trips spanning 20th May to 19th June 2012, as well as other useful datasets.

Skills/Interests Needed for the Challenge

For this challenge we are looking for individuals with a knowledge of (spatial) databases and a general interest in finding out answers to the types of questions posed above.


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