Smart City Challenge #2

Building a Space-Time Analysis Toolkit 

Leads: Nick Malleson and Andy Evans (University of Leeds – Talisman project)


We are starting to collect huge amounts of data about how things move around, but the tools to analyse and understand the data are less complete. A new program that can help us to visualise the movement of things through space and time will help us to understand how cities really work and how they can be improved.

Aim of the Challenge

We want to build a community interested in the development of software for creating useful space-time visualisations of individual movements (e.g. people moving around a city, goods moving around a region, etc.). We will provide access to geospatial data such as Twitter, transport data, etc. for visualization and analysis but if you have some data sets, then bring these with you!


We will provide some starter code to get things up and running.

Skills/Interests Needed for the Challenge

For the software part of this challenge we need people with coding skills, ideally Java or similar. However, this challenge is much bigger than just a piece of software. We also need (i) people with strong skills in visualization;  (ii) end users of such a tool (who can drive the applications that could come out of such a toolkit); (iii) people with big data sets that require visualisation; and (iv) analysts who could help develop algorithms for analysing big data sets that could then be coded by others.

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