Introduction to Geographical Information Systems – Using MapInfo

Course title: Introduction to Geographical Information Systems – Using MapInfo

Organising university/institution: University of Leeds

Event address:  Room G.19, School of Geography, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT

 Course Dates: 27 -28 June, 2012

Event Description: A Geographical Information System (GIS) uses spatial and aspatial data to explore where ‘things’ are and how they are related. This is a ‘hands-on’, introductory course on using MapInfo Professional – a series of short activities will allow participants to explore the functionality and potential applications of the GIS, guiding through the basics of opening and importing geographical boundaries, linking aspatial data (e.g. Census data) to those boundaries, querying and analysing data, extracting data to meet criteria, visualising data and producing maps and graphs which can be used in research outputs. MapInfo uses a menu-based interface.

 Name of presenter/instructor: Prof. John Stillwell

Level: It is assumed that participants have no prior knowledge or experience of using MapInfo but will be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment.

 Format/duration: This is a 1.5 day course.

 Cost: £45 for students and £90 for staff (This course is open to students and staff at Higher Education Institutions in the UK and Ireland.  

To register, please visit:

Contact: Amy O’Neill at or  at 0113 343 7992

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